SafeCoin D700

Fast and efficient coin roll dispensing


Wall-mounted self-service coin roll dispenser for banks and retail.











Key Specifications

Coin Rolls (double roll dispenser has two modules):                                                                   Per Module (approx.): e.g. $.25, 217 coin rolls

Depending On Value: e.g. $.10, 410 coin rolls     

Individual Coins:

Per Coin Hopper: e.g. $.25, 1000 coins        Depending On Value: e.g. $.10, 2000 coins

Optional Note Dispensing:
2 Cassettes: 1000 notes
4 Cassettes: 2000 notes
Positioning: Wall-mounted (TTW, ITW)
Placement: Indoor
Servicing: Rear-loading
Dimensions (W x H x D): 30" x 67" x 40"
Service Area Behind Machine (W x D): 60" x 48"                                                      
Weight (empty/full): 1060/2560 lbs.