SafePay Complete

High security and optimization in front and back offices


For big companies used to working at a fast pace and dealing with hundreds of customers, employees and suppliers every day, SafePay Complete provides high security and efficiency. SafePay Complete includes systems in front and back offices as well as pickup services.









Key Specifications

Dimensions: (L x W x H) inches:               

CR2: 17 x 5.11 x 51.85                                 

CR3: 12.91 x 11.81 x 24.56                       

NR: 210 x 479 x 738

Weight: 168 - 216 lbs. (depending on setup)
Speed - Notes: Approx. 1 note per second
Speed - Coin Deposit: 2-5 coins per second (depending on setup)
Speed - Coin Dispensing: Avg. 3-5-6 coins per second (depending on setup)
Coin Bulk Capacity: 75-200 coins (depending on setup)
Storage - Notes: Up to 800 (depending on configuration)
Storage - Coins: Approx. 3000 mixed denominations (depending on setup)