SafeRecycling RS7

Cash Recycler for Combined Cash Deposit and Dispensing


The SafeRecycling RS7 accepts, recycles and dispenses cash in one convenient solution.

You can quickly and securely fill, replenish and reconcile cash drawers.

The back-office solution is ideal for large supermarkets, shopping malls or exhibition centers where many small traders operate.








Key Specifications


Sorting Speed: 700 coins/second 

Sorting Capacity: Up to 6 hoppers

Coin Capacity: 10,700 coins + overflow of up to 10,000 coins                                           

Dispensing Speed: Up to 24 coins/second simultaneously                     

Coin Dispensing: Coins are sorted by denomination into separate coin bowls and stored in a lockable drawer


Counting Speed: Up to 10 notes/second   

Note Bundle: Up to 300 notes/deposit (multiple deposits) continuous feed   

Recycling Capacity: Up to 8 denominations                                     

Banknote Capacity: 5 cassettes between 2250-3400 notes each, up to 17,000 notes

Availability: 24/7 self-service
Operation: Freestanding
Dimensions: (H x W x D): 49.2" x 36.3" x 36"
Weight:  1300 lbs.