SecureCash Deluxe/Deluxe Plus

Front-Office Under-Counter Note Deposit System


The SecureCash Deluxe/Deluxe Plus with single and dual-note acceptors automates and processes low to moderate volumes of cash, delivering increased security and efficiencies in daily transactions.

Perfect for retailers seeking to reduce cash exposure, while improving security for staff and customers.









Key Specifications

Availability: 24/7 service
Operation: Free-standing front-load and service, staff operated
Note Acceptors: 1 (Deluxe)/2 (Deluxe Plus)
Deposit Capacity: Bundle up to 30 notes (multiple deposits possible)
Deposit Speed: 2.5 notes/second
Cassette Capacity: 1200 or 2200 notes, up to 2 cassettes/device

Dimensions: (L x W x H):                       

Deluxe: 24.50 x 10.20 x 17.99 in.               

Deluxe Plus: 24.50 x 12.25 x 17.99 in.      

Tube Dispenser: 28.50 x 13.50 x 24.625 in.

Weight:                                                    Deluxe/Deluxe Plus: 100 lbs./115 lbs.    Tube Dispenser: 278 lbs.
Options: Tube Dispenser